Privacy Policy



GIOIELLERIA SOLAZZI sas, di Davide C. & Solazzi, Strada Cairoli 5, 43121 Parma, Italy. Creator and promoter of activities available at, reserves the right to use the personal information provided voluntarily by users, in compliance with applicable law (Articles 13 et seq. Legislative Decree 196/2003).
GIOIELLERIA SOLAZZI ensures that the personal data of users of the site will be reserved for a strictly linked to the provision of its services, the facilitation of site management and execution of orders.

The data provided by users will not be in any way communicated or disclosed to third parties.
If paying by credit card, the information essential to the success of the transaction (credit card number, credit / debit card, expiration date, security code) will not be registered on the site in any way
At the time of purchase, the user will be redirected to the fact PAYPAL where you can buy securely directly by credit card or PayPal personal account.
Please refer to SECURE PAYMENTS that explains in detail the procedure.
GIOIELLERIA SOLAZZI adopt adequate security measures in order to minimize the risks of destruction or loss of data, unauthorized access or processing not in conformity with the purposes set out in our Privacy Policy.

However GIOIELLERIA SOLAZZI is unable to provide its Members with the measures taken for the security of the site and the transmission of data and information on the site should be able to exclude any risk of unauthorized access or loss of data even from a device User.
For this reason, it is recommended that users of the site to make sure that your computer is equipped with appropriate software for the protection of network data transmission (such as updated antivirus) and that your Internet service provider has taken appropriate measures for the security of the data transmission network.
GIOIELLERIA SOLAZZI information that Users may exercise their rights under Article 7 of Legislative Decree 196/2003, set forth below in its essential part.

Users have the right to request GIOIELLERIA SOLAZZI the following information:

  • Confirmation of the existence or not of personal data concerning him
  • The clear communication of the data and its source
  • The reason and purpose of their existence and their use

The request for information referred to above may be renewed with a minimum interval of 90 days, except in cases where it is good cause cancellation or modification of the data in case of violation of the law; deletion of data that can not be used for reasons for which they were collected.